понедельник, 4 мая 2015 г.

Good day

Dear Beloved,

I am sorry to intrude into your private life today but i appeal to you to consider this proposal which i believe its the will of God.

My name is pastor John Meat a priest with the Catholic Church and a recognized member of sales 2 world for refugee. I am in contact with you because of a young refugee orphan in my congregation who lost his entire family to the civil war in Libya in 2013. Presently the young orphan needs a sincere and God fearing guardian who can stand as a foreign beneficiary to his inheritance which is in a tune of Sixteen Million United States Dollars ($16,000,000.00 USD) that was lodged with a registered Security company Vault by his late father which was meant for foreign investment purpose before his demise.

I seek your sincere consent to consider this proposal and assist this young orphan as your personal child and help in making his dream a reality to see that his inheritance is released and also making sure his education dream comes to past.

As a true Priest i shall make all formalities and documents available to you once i hear from you to consider to help the young orphan as your child and take care of his inheritance.

Thanks, pastor.John Meat

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