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Concerning Your Merited Funds

Dear Friend,

Good day. My name is Evangelist Mrs Sarah and I reside in Texas U.S.A and
I already benefited from this. I am writing you to give you a very
Concrete and sound confidential information that will help you claim
Compensated funds from the United Kingdom Finance & Security House
without stress.

I travelled with my Pastor for a convention programme in the U.K and
that was how I was able to confirm that the U.K Government $ 2.5
Million compensated due to all effort, sincerity, courage and trust
worthiness showed at the course of the Uk Online Lotto winning and
other related pending financial transactions was real and % 100 risk

Surprisingly, I have been withdrawing $ 25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand
US Dollars) on daily basis with the $ 2.5 Million worth ATM CARD I was
issued by Mr.Harry Sawyer C.E.O, of the finance and security house.

I crossed check the emails and names of other beneficiaries who are
yet to claim their funds worth $ 2.5 Million on the List, and saw your
email address on the list and copied it out to inform you and (1)
others beneficiaries of the $ 2.5 Million still unclaimed with the
Finance and Security House. Since the UK Government has ordered the
funds to be released to you.

I want you to know God is my witness in my testimony to you and once
you are able to contact MR. Harry Sawyer of the Security and Finance
House with the information below and adhere to his instruction and
advise, all things will work out properly for your own good too
without delays, I promise you do not have to worry even if you are ask
to pay for the delivery fee since you must receive your $2.5 Million
worth atm card in return. This is 100 percent certain and legit. I can
bet my life on this words I am giving you.

You are very lucky and I advise you to quickly Contact MR. Harry Sawyer
who is the C.E.O in charge of finance, to enable you claim your $ 2,
500, 000.00 (TWO MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND USD) from him without
further delays.

Contact MR. Harry Sawyer with the required details listed below.


Contact Mr. Harry Sawyer directly with your details as listed above on the email below.

Email Address: harrysawyer09@gmail.com

C.E.O, Finance & Security House,
Deposit Firm FSH Towers Chelsea T45H U.K.

My advise to you is for you to put God first in all you are doing and
try to stop contact with any other online transaction you might have
else where if you have been paying much or little money for presently
or previously and have not received anything in return.

I still want to use this opportunity to inform you of showing love to
the less privileged ones around you once you claim your funds. I will
be travelling due to the investment project I and my partner are
having at hand and hope to hear you have received your funds from Mr.
Harry Sawyer when I return.

I give you my words on this for am very sure your worries are over.
Good Luck and God bless you.

Best Regards,
Evangelist. Sarah Rice.

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