пятница, 11 июля 2014 г.

Beneficial Proposition


I am a private fund manager; I insight, intellect and focus on change investment approach to spot opportunities that others may not see. My research is meticulous some would say painstaking; but it's this analytically rigor that creates advantage for my clients. I strive always to be a step ahead of market movements, industry development and lifestyle changes. I have a very important request that made me to contact you but this proposal however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honor it against your will. In 2005, some huge amount of money was fixed by my late client, he later terminated the fix deposit in May 2007 but he did not withdraw the funds from the bank because he was planning to invest the money in real estate business.

My late client had some health related issue, and later died of cancer in 2008 without using these funds in question; but nobody has the information's about this investment fund except me and my late client. Two weeks ago, my insider in the bank where this money is deposited, told me as the fund manager of the deceased I should provide his next of kin or foreign business partner otherwise the bank will convert the funds into government treasury. This prompted me to run a search again to locate someone who is capable of handling this business/deal with me. If you're interested in claiming these funds with me, get back to me once you read this mail through my private E-mail ( Jeremyabdulinc@gmail.com ).


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